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Dec. 21st, 2004 @ 01:59 pm
yeeeeeeee.. well god dam it feels gr8 to be back online.. after like a week or w.e..
well anyway... lemme try and fuken catch up........
friday? had a dope little jammy for my bday.. mad people came actually. more than i expected.. and i dont really remember much of the ending of the night.. i just remember alex dropping some dissapointing news about natalie... being with some loser there..
and i def wigged out and called her and her crib... i even ended up outside her window talking to her.. like a shaded freeko..i ended up walking to my boys crib from her house at like 6am..

sat. i didnt do much.. i didnt feel like going out.. i chilled at chins crib and ended up calling natalie again late night.. with this loser picking up the phone and talking smack to me.. (carlos) talking about.. i know u.. i know u went to gables.. fucken loser.. w.e so i sat there sulking in all the dissapointing feelings of this girl i held high.. i dont know what my story is.. cus girls find it easy to do shit like this to me.. at least the last 2 gf's have.. i definetly think im gonna do something stupid about this.. cus i cant stop thinking about it.. i still cant believe this girl turned out to be so fucken wack..i feel fucken raped or something, maybe it shoulda been obvious to me if her own parents couldnt trust her why in the hell should i????? but i slipped.. ok............ well enough about that.

sunday i rode bike and caught tags all around with cuedawgg... at night i chilled at perms with james and whoever else...

last night i went to my last angermanagement class finally.. and went with javi to meet up with his sister to get her new slk... dope shit.. we capped and rode to pinos... chilled out there for a while.. then capped more and rode to bertos and got even more faded... oh yeah we watched some fresh ass documentary on fr8 hobos..
so w.e i just woke up.. im glad i had no fucken dreams that made me lose sleep like the last 2 nights.. i need something good to happen to me soon .. i feel mad =/

my hairs getting longer...
Current Mood: irritatedirritated

Dec. 13th, 2004 @ 06:10 am

Gorjeuz17:  ... 
i hate the way we ended things, and i know it was my fault they ended the way they did 
and im not iming you thinking that were going to be back to being friends because i know thats impossible 

yeah.... so i guess a week of me not calling or even paying attention can cause ims like this..  o well.. AnotherFukenDay.. i woke up late..finished that conversation.. went to javiers in the roads.. watched the redskins lose..reserved my "infamous" flight.. uner my "infamous" name.. met up with cue are duels prox br das perm and killed ourselves here. where i find myself about to sleep and wake up for my famous monday routine........

yesterday i had a false alarm spotting of someone i needed to see at ricky coronas lil brothers jam.. got there and waited outside while evryone "searched" saw rudie cluck nigga.. lol decided to leave and blow stanks..think i saw tee leaving but im too shy to scream out of car windows now adays... lol drex slept over too..

chitty bang bang im lit... " 10 shots will light up like the 4th of july"

god-dam im hurting....... hollerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: morning construction

Dec. 11th, 2004 @ 04:34 pm
so like... u know me.. the bad luck kid of 2004.. the years not over..
last night i got a gun put in my neck and 120 dollars taken from me.. and left in the middle of a trailer park but hey thank god it wasnt any old trailer park.. they left me in "the gables" trailer park... thats always fucken dope.. and i cant sleep cus of the ex gf nightmares... this sucks.. where u at leen... missing in action.......

Don't Make Someone Your
When You Are Only Their

maybe ill throw some pics online.. probably not since i hate the world today....
holler at ur fuken boy.. certski
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: new found glory- hit or miss

like kurt cobain was here.. ye ye ye yeah Dec. 7th, 2004 @ 02:57 am
woke up early...wake and bake.. fell asleep .. missed anger management..
went to houstons.. then to jp's cousins crib.. then i had the most marvelous choc milk shake ever...
saw pinos new apt.. super gangero.. good fella shit...
my computer girl already left me for the night.. so ill catch u tommorow LEEENOW..
its just skoe and mary my usual late night conversations...
stuffy nose is gay
Current Mood: calmcalm

Dec. 6th, 2004 @ 06:24 am
well i had a dope weekend with my friends at lease.. mad fun at the canes game.. even tho i dont remember much after the second quarter due to one and a half zany bar.. well i remember a good pincho casey bought me.. and seeing frank gores lil bro.. travis from gables...went to bertos jam.. had fun there.. woke up retarded and thirsty in javis room...little girl natalie decided to pull a liana on me and not answer my calls.. guess getting drunk and acting stupid means more to her than this relationship.. but when its sunday all godly and churchly.. she decided to answer my calls.. thats cool.. "im over it" im learning to put dirty clothes in the hamper real easily these days....w.e "another lesson learned"
like they all do.. shell realize.. went and smoked with lil shawtee.. as her parents got home.. then to dadeland for some gear.. its javis bday.. what we gon do!!!!!!!!!!!\
i feel this so so much right now too...
i just watched silence of the lambs..
Current Mood: crushedits like that now...
Current Music: outkast. da art of storytelling...F/ SLICK RICK
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» (No Subject)
dam.. i havent been on this thing in a hot minuto.. i might just ditch this sucker ass journal..
thanksgiving was dope.. ate at cues crib.. watched football.. keekee and mary scooped me .. we rode to marcos keg.. that was gee..saw a bunch of friends i hadnt seen in a while.. since i hadnt gone out to seen sunlight in forever...so then me ntak chico and ronertime dipped to micosukee and they played poker.. i drank mad coffeee and played on the slots.. then i ate a jumbo cookie.. woke up the next day.. went to ease's crib.. copped a magazine.. and then.. went to ntaks.. caught some drama with nato.. went to montys looking for her.. like a phsyco boyfriend.i hadnt had that feeling in my stomach like that in a long time.. at least i know i care alot now forsure. she finally picked up and i met up with her.. went bak to ease's, then to dunkin donuts.. then to the beach at ntaks for the night..then lets see... saturday.. woke up potato was in town.. i met up with her and alex and michi b. these ppl smoked at the edgewater spot.. anddd..then i caught more drama.. and went to sams crib.. got a lil faded.. then dipped to the district for stephis bday..with pino and ntak.. got extremely faded.. saw mad friends.. jammed hardcore..lol moniques mom kept waving at me in the club and i didnt recognize her.. till she pulled me over and said hiiiii.... killed the design district.. pino got into a drama with katrina so we drove his car to get javis and me and javi raced back to the club.. then we just crashed at the crib watching bad boys 2.. then todayyyyyyyyyyy.. went to alex's with a 2wack...and chilled with a bunch of peoples i rarely see.. w.e it was a gangster asss weeekend since id been so bummed out about the burns..
» absolut relaxation

i can say it again.. reeeeeeelaxed... just been hanging with zoosh.. i did a piece last night in some chill spot..which ill have here in a few days.. it came out ayeet..my ladies grounded so i guess ive been el oh double-you... just hanging online  some fliks ppl sent me... for my viewing please.. and im down to share...



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» long day...
woke up at 1.. chilled..racked mad gauze from walgreens..peedi crack was crying when i left the car..then jumped on the trirail..in a rush to get to class..saw a bunch of rumors on tracksides..saw a dz on the locals..briz alot..caught an acero.. i met some wild lady on the train nitting something.. talking to me about my burns.. she was a character.. she made my day actually.. then the train got out of service one stop b4 mine.. and nat picked me up and took me to class.. class was pretty productive.. i spoke to the class the entire hour about how ive delt with anger in the past years and how i deal with it now.. pretty wild.. i only have a few more classes and im out of that shit.. i kinda like class tho.. anyway nat skooped me.. got to her house and hid all my shit since the cops were on their way to file a report on something that happened here this weekend.. i was shook thinking it would be a cop that knew me.. then what.. i chilled with nat all night till we got hungry.. i was feening a nacho bellgrande ...got that.. came back.. turned off the lights.. and called it a night..this girl swears she can lay all over my wrapped up arms like it doesnt hurt..look its 420.. too bad this nigga right chair is still clean.. RAISE THE ROOF©.....
what a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps.. i just got the new nas from errorz.. and this shits CRUCIALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
» rip old dirty....
what a shocker...
» addicted to ventalation thru surveys
Have You Ever....
Mooned anyone:: YEAH as a jit in camp i got mad heated for doing so
Been on a diet:: negatorial
Been to a foreign country:: canada??
Broken a bone:: yes man
Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling:: negative
Swear at a teacher:: maybe at ponce..not anything after that.
Got in a fight:: gimme half a pill and some zephyr hills and im like fuck it dawg
Dated a teacher:: no but i sure did dig some teachers..7thgrade english
Laughed so hard you peed your pants:: negative..last time i peed my pants was hilarious..rebz hahaha
Thought about killing your enemy:: ?
Gone skinny dipping:: beach club.. with that dumb bitch liz thats in the lilflip video she made me..in order to u know
Told a little white lie:: routinely
Told a secret you swore not to tell:: yup i dont a fuck
Stolen anything:: paint,food, one time for that ep crew
Misused a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid:: sure buddy
Been on TV:: yeee
Been on the radio::i used to rep the hiphopshop every thursday bak in the dizay
Been in a mosh pit::rone time
Been to a concert:: duh
Dated one of your best friends:: most definetly..natalia
Loved someone so much it makes you cry:: not quite.
Deceived somebody close to you:: if they put themselves out there
Broken the law:: BREAK DA LAWW...
Been to a rodeo:: YEAH field trip bak in the day
Been on a talk show:: rat radio clowning on pablos show lol
Been on a game show:: naw
Been on an airplane:: with drugs
Got to ride on a firetruck:: i used to ride with my mom on calls
Came close to dying:: few times
Cheated on a bf/gf:: thats wack

Gave someone a piggy back ride:: yeah
Terrorized a babysitter:: jenny erbel..joshes sister haha i even put moves on her as a jit lollll....
Had a dream that you're falling off a cliff:: everydamnight
been so drunk you don't remember your name:: ye righhhhhhhhh
Had an eating disorder:: in jail i couldnt eat or sleep
Felt like the 3rd wheel:: that shit sucks
Smoked:: smoked myself to sobriety
Done drugs:: lived life
Been arrested:: yes but NEVER been convicted of a crime NEVER...
Had your tonsils removed:: nay
Gone to camp:: northwoods camp in nhampshire..some of the best times of my life!
Written a love letter:: im king of those, kids used to pay me to do their girls names
Gone out of your way to be with the one you love::i ran from the grove to sunset place to prove something once...
Written a love poem:: i dont think so in skool???..
Kissed in the rain:: with stephanie esper at bleeks crib while skoe n keekee jammied in the jeep...
Hooked up with:: jsfakl;djfakl;
Slow danced with someone you love:: whats love got to do with it..
Faked an orgasm::: loll
Asked a friend for relationship advice::allday..rightpee?
Had a friend steal your bf/gf:: kinda, in jail there was a girl id talk to everyday and i gave her my boys number so she could double line him.. they ended up banging.. what a whore.. hes a pussy too..
Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love:: alicia keybridge
Gotten a speeding ticket::for crossing the streets in front of gables toofast
Done jail time:: nothin crazy.. when compared to others..32 days metro west b3b
Had to wear a uniform to work:: yeah winndixie.. i even repped it to skool sometimes hahaha remember that shit
Won a trophy:: key biscayne light house run..10k champ 18 and under YEEEEEE
Bowled a perfect game:: THAT would be gangster.. TURKEYYYYYY..me mugz rebs monique steph and natalie used to bowl alot lol..real gangster..im pretty sick tho....
Failed/got held back:: naw man i was bout it bout it..DEMOTED LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got perfect attendance in grade school:: FUCK I WISH
Roasted pumpkin seeds:: YESSSS
Who was the last person____
*you saw: mugz right next to me..
*you talked to in person: him
*you talked to on the fone: natalie
*you kissed on the cheek: neightow
*you hugged: what do u know.. nayto
*you had sex with: (skipping this one)
*you loved: ??????/
*who vistied you: gorjeuz
*you screamed at: dre.. yellin at me for the lighter.. man i aint trying to see no flames no matter how little lol
*you argued with: keekee.. petty shit..over it
*you got in a fight with: no fights
*you said i love you to: thats a gr8 fuken q...? i dont know
*that told you they loved you: " elephant juice" nah-tahlee
____What are you____
*doing: typing.. and cracking my neck
*wearing: royal empire..painting shorts.. and im fuken wrapped in gauze
*listening to: little toy soldiers.. eminem
*thinking: ::when am i going to mcdonalds
*smelling: mugz stank ass reds
*drinking: h2oh
___More About YOU!____
*what are the last four digits of your phone number? uhhhhh
*if you were a crayon, what color would you be?:glowinthedark..or etch
*have you ever almost died:wasnt this already answered
*what's the next CD you are going to buy?:outkast. i was gonna support trick but i got it burned.. i always support outkast no matter how bad im struggling.. thats the voice of the south cuh..
*what's the best advice ever given to you?: ill give it to dz,pee,mom,shorty,javi,skoe, morals,natalie, taylor, keekee,and mary.....
*have you ever won any special award? many...
*what's the stupidest thing you have ever done? act violent.. run away..
*what do you dream about? mad weird shit..sometimes girls.. sometimes adventures.. sometimes nightmares
*who do you tell your dreams to? my shrink..potato holla

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